Nominations are now open for the 2016 SAMMI awards!

Please nominate a worthy candidate today!

Deadline – Tuesday December 1, 2015

Congratulations to our 2015 honorees

Courage – The Moscaret Family
Circle of Service – Clint Scott & Jon Bromberg
Youth Spirit – Niyathi Chakrapani, Maddy Fletcher & Erika Kumar
Community Spirit – Frances Garcia Hoffman, Lisa Di Lauro, Sue Stevens
Environmental Stewardship – Ken Abraham & Echo Chernik

Eastside Catholic Choir

The Eastside Catholic performing the National Anthem to open the 2015 SAMMI Award ceremony!

Circle of Service Honorees: Jon Bromberg and Clint Scott

2015 SAMMI Honorees - Clint Scott, Jon Bromberg and Ken Abraham

Ken and Liz Moscaret - 2015 Courage Award

Sammamish Mayor Tom Vance awarding Ken and Liz Moscaret the 2015 SAMMI Courage Award

Echo Chernik and Ken Abraham - 2015 Environmental Stewardship Honorees

Ken Abraham and Echo Chernik accepting their 2015 Environmental Stewardship SAMMI Awards

Frances Garcia Hoffman 2015 Community Spirit Honoree

Lisa Di Laura 2015 Community Spirit Honoree

Community Spirit Honorees - Frances, Sue and Lisa

Sue Stevens 2015 Community Spirit Honoree

Sammamish Youth Symphony Orchestra

Erika Kumar, Maddy Fletcher and Niyathi Chakrapani 2015 Youth Spirit Honorees

2015 Youth Spirit Honorees - Niyathi Chakrapani, Erika Kumar and Maddy Fletcher